• Photophart’s history lessons: Old horse-drawn wagon

    Wagon wheel

    This might have been the pickup truck of its day. Horse-drawn wagons like this were once as common as cars. Moving a piano required one of these. Oh, and a horse,  the bigger the better. Here in the mid-west you see quite a few of these relics in people’s yards. Folks use them as lawn ornaments. […]

  • Yet Another Wigglegram

    Another Wigglegram because they’re fun to do. Here’s a gnarly bicyclist on a freezing cold day. In the rain. In a 30mph wind. See how happy he seems in spite of it?  Behold the magical power of forest bicycling. This is a multi-image composition you scroll through by rolling your mouse across the frame. 3D […]

  • Updates at my main website.

    Huge changes are in the works at markhoffmanphotography.com, If you haven’t been there in a while it’s worth the trip. New design. New layout. Just new. There used to be around a thousand images for viewing/sale. Things have been trimmed. A lot. Some of the images will be returning to the various galleries and albums. […]

  • The Power Of The Print

    Somewhere I read that information is being amassed and recorded at a rate so prodigious that no single human could read even a single day’s record in his/her entire lifetime. This assertion seems reasonable to me. So what of the historian of the future? Humans, if they still exist, many hundreds of years from now […]

  • Wigglegrams revisited

    An old 50mm prime on the Nikon this time. shooting images in the back yard that I know, in advance, I’m going to make scrollgrams out of. No particular rhyme or reason, just for kicks. This multi-image composition changes viewpoint as you roll your mouse across the frame. point of view Scrollgram. Slowly sweep mouse […]

  • Rattlesnake! Not again.

    Prairie Rattlesnake

    Having just added a post about the scarcity of rattlesnakes and encounters with them, I find I must amend that post. Yesterday, on a trek up the side of a hill I’ve been up hundreds of times, I happened upon two Prairie Rattlesnakes within 40 feet of one another. This particular hillside and I have […]

  • Jewel Thieves

    Thought for the day: The precarious human predicament owes its existence to thieves. Jewel thieves. Good ones. Except that “jewel” is misspelled. The word is joule. A term describing energy. That’s important to humans because we use joules all the time. We use them every second of every day our entire lives. Without them we’d […]

  • Today’s lesson in natural philosophy: Form Follows Function.

    The natural world is still teaming with amazing life forms, though somewhat less so than it was, say, forty years ago. I’m thinking of such amazing adaptations as a simple leaf at the end of a tree branch splayed out in the sunlight, capturing the tiny blazingly fast photons hurled earthward from the violent sun, […]

  • Wigglegrams have invaded my brain!

    OK, so maybe this is getting out of hand, but new ideas for ways to use the amazing wigglegram (scrollgram, actually) keep popping up. Take this one for instance. A chameleon pepper plant that changes from color to grayscale. This multi-image composition changes slowly from color to black and white as you roll your mouse […]

  • 3D Scrollable Images

    Here’s something new and fun. These wigglegrams don’t wiggle. Nor do they loop. Nor do they autoplay. Instead, they are multi-image compositions you scroll through by rolling your mouse across the frame. 3D Scrollgram. Concept and code By — Jeffrey Friedl — slowly sweep mouse from side to side to view 3D effect Or this […]

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