Images From The Textured Forest…

Not a real forest in the usual sense. But, just barely real enough that you can see these. I’ve been playing with adding textures to images off and on for years. My library of textures has grown beyond all reason. There’s a new album of images like this at in the gallery called “Current […]

The Power Of The Print

Somewhere I read that information is being amassed and recorded at a rate so prodigious that no single human could read even a single day’s record in his/her entire lifetime. This assertion seems reasonable to me. So what of the historian of the future? Humans, if they still exist, many hundreds of years from now […]

Bird Of Paradise Plant, delivered.

Angular, was my first impression of this unusual plant. Wondering at the name, I backed up to get a better look at it. The flowering part of this plant does bear a striking resemblance to the head of a large water bird. Thus, its other name: Crane Flower. I digress. The plant was delivered to […]

New Mini-galleries

A glance at the green navigation bar under the masthead reveals I’ve added a new selection called the “Mini Galleries“. The Mini Galleries are precisely that: small galleries of a few images that I happen to like. They are in no particular order and somehow either missed being added to the other larger galleries at […]

Horseshoe Canyon, Utah – Rock Art

While I understand that many people view the petroglyphs of the American Southwest as nothing more than really old graffiti, I find myself captivated by the things. The rock art of the Grand Gallery in Horseshoe Canyon is seductive. The figures there resemble human forms, sort of, but not really. Speculation about what the paintings […]

Horseshoe Canyon, Utah – Grand Gallery

The first thing you notice is that the people ( if that’s what they are)  have no arms. Or legs. Or feet. Some have no eyes. Some have giant goggle eyes. Many have been impeccably carved into the rock before they were painted. The petroglyphs of the Grand Gallery in Horseshoe Canyon are eerily mesmerizing. Archeologists […]

Fantasy Canyon Gallery Going Up

There’s a new gallery taking shape at The post below gives a little explanation of this crazy place in Utah that really has to be seen to be believed. Images will be added as I finish them. To make it easy here’s a link to THE GALLERY. PP

Fantasy Canyon, Utah

The universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine. As geologic wonders go there is nothing on earth like the wonders hiding in the American Southwest. Witness these bizarre rock formations.  South of Vernal, Utah, in the midst of an oil and gas-field wasteland of immense proportions, is […]

10000 Square Meters

There’s a new image gallery at called, simply, 10000 Square Meters. Honestly, I’m amazed at the number of images that ended up there. They represent the exploration of a tiny patch of the Bighorn National Forest in central Wyoming. The Bighorn National Forest is millions of acres and gazillions of trees. It is big […]

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