Cave Spring, Utah

Trundling around the American Southwest again, happened upon a very short trail to Cave Spring in Utah’s southern Canyonlands. The place has an other-worldly creepiness to it. I half expected to peer into a darkened rock alcove and find some thousand year old wild animal or possibly a prehistoric human lurking there. Didn’t find either. […]

Horseshoe Canyon, Utah – Rock Art

While I understand that many people view the petroglyphs of the American Southwest as nothing more than really old graffiti, I find myself captivated by the things. The rock art of the Grand Gallery in Horseshoe Canyon is seductive. The figures there resemble human forms, sort of, but not really. Speculation about what the paintings […]

False kiva, reverse view

Rummaging around Google searches I discovered a ton of “false kiva” images, deservedly so. It’s a fascinating place steeped in history and mystery. Strangely, the available images of the site all use the same general POV.  Nice enough, but repetitious.  Enter the landscape photographer’s mantra: “Enjoy the beautiful scene before you but remember to look […]

Worth the hike…

In Moab, Utah again last month which is not the subject of this post, rather the area around Moab, brimming with a wealth of spectacular geology and early American history. I refer specifically to “False Kiva”, google it if you must. Directions for the hike to the site abound. Pay particular attention to the one […]

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