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“I do not make art for your comfort. I make it for mine. I don’t make art to abide by your rules but to challenge my own. If, by some happy miracle, that effort results in something that others resonate with in the same way that I look to the art of others to keep me awake and alive, then that’s a bonus. If, in the end, you find some comfort in what I make, I’m thrilled.

But how I make my art is my business alone. Sure, if I were a journalist or a documentarian, I would willingly work within certain parameters and expectations, but I’m not. And there’s a good chance you aren’t either. You make your art for reasons all your own, and the methods you use will be for the same personal reasons, not the least valid of which might be no more complicated than, “That’s what I like.”

Art-makers, listen up: You are obliged to no one to do things their way. You owe no debt of obedience to the judges, the mentors, or the pundits who try to mold you into their image. The best of whom, by the way, will zealously push you to make art that is entirely yours, and will be suspicious if it starts to look too much like theirs. What debt of obedience you owe is to your own curiosity and whatever spark that’s within you that’s trying to express itself in your work.

Your art, and the way you choose to make it, needs no more validation than that you had the courage to make it in the first place and to hold it up for others to experience despite the risk of being misunderstood, or worse, ignored. ”

David duChemin
Craft & Vision, Chief Executive Nomad
Check him out here: David’s contact sheet

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