Horseshoe Canyon, Utah – Rock Art

While I understand that many people view the petroglyphs of the American Southwest as nothing more than really old graffiti, I find myself captivated by the things. The rock art of the Grand Gallery in Horseshoe Canyon is seductive. The figures there resemble human forms, sort of, but not really. Speculation about what the paintings […]

Horseshoe Canyon, Utah – Grand Gallery

The first thing you notice is that the people ( if that’s what they are)¬† have no arms. Or legs. Or feet. Some have no eyes. Some have giant goggle eyes. Many have been impeccably carved into the rock before they were painted. The petroglyphs of the Grand Gallery in Horseshoe Canyon are¬†eerily mesmerizing. Archeologists […]

Fantasy Canyon Gallery Going Up

There’s a new gallery taking shape at The post below gives a little explanation of this crazy place in Utah that really has to be seen to be believed. Images will be added as I finish them. To make it easy here’s a link to THE GALLERY. PP

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