Updates at my main website.

Huge changes are in the works at markhoffmanphotography.com, If you haven’t been there in a while it’s worth the trip. New design. New layout. Just new. There used to be around a thousand images for viewing/sale. Things have been trimmed. A lot. Some of the images will be returning to the various galleries and albums. Many will not. All of this will be happening over several weeks, possibly months. The E-commerce portion of the site isn’t quite there yet, but it is coming. Change is good. Sometimes. Slow change is better. Fewer bugs.

Give it a click. Come back from time to time to see the changes.

Meanwhile, I remain apolitical in every aspect of my internet presence. For good reason.  But. The Master Persuader is tying up a few loose ends for what will be the largest landslide election win in US history. Considering that he was hated by all of the mainstream media, the entire republican party, the entire democratic party, and every human being on planet earth, this is quite remarkable.

He did this with the simplest of tools: the knowledge that humans, in spite of all their posturing towards the contrary, make decisions based almost entirely on emotion. But not the kind you’re thinking of. The emotions he’s been using to change your thinking – everyone’s thinking – are very low level. Pay attention. The topic of how he became president will be studied for a hundred years.


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