Been awhile, but…. I’ve been busy…

You know how it goes. Little jobs grow into bigger jobs that require new jobs to finish the original little jobs. Before long, you glance up, and half a year has gone by and the job still isn’t done. Well one of the jobs I’ve been grappling with is now done … mostly.

My two main websites have gotten a major overhaul. Parred down. Cleaned up. Thinned out. Buffed. Polished. Tweaked. Both sites had dozens of photo albums crammed with hundreds of images. Just too much, really. My main site at got the most severe pruning. Necessary because I have moved all of my client work, which used to reside at, to it. Check it out at the above link. My second main site at got a similar makeover. But, image-art being its sole function, fewer of the image galleries were cut.

There’s a new feature: Image presentations with background music. They now reside in a separate gallery. Seems some people cling to firmly held beliefs that music and websites don’t mix. I suspect these people would also insist that Virtual Reality development is a waste of time. I disagree. These albums have music because it has long been my belief that sometimes the experience of visual art can be enhanced, heightened and modified by simultaneously appealing to senses in addition to vision. To that end I will gleefully add smell, taste, and the perception of temperature and air movement to several of my photographic presentations the moment the internet supports it. Stay tuned.


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