Goblin Valley Album Is Posted

For your viewing pleasure,an album of images from Goblin Valley, Utah is now up at https://markhoffmanphotography.com.   If you would prefer the more direct link try this: Goblin Valley Album – direct. More albums from this strange place may be forthcoming as I’ve got hundreds of marvelous images of it. PP

Goblin Valley

  The Universe. Stranger than we imagine. Stranger than we can imagine.   Goblin Valley is in Utah. It’s as strange a place as exists in the natural world. The geological features here are bizarre. Utah is filled with awesome geology. I’ve been photographing Utah for years, as have hundreds of photogs. It’s mesmerizing and […]

Images From The Texturized Forest…

Not a real forest in the usual sense. But, just barely real enough that you can see these. I’ve been playing with adding textures to images off and on for years. My library of textures has grown beyond all reason. There’s a new album of images like this at markhoffmanphotography.com in the gallery called “Current […]

This could be the surface of an Alien Brain..

But it’s not. More images are emerging from my ever-churning image processing machinery. Witness this photomicrograph of another section of the twigs in my previous post. And here’s another focus-changing scrollgram of the same image. The EDOF multi-image composition above contains over fifty images. The Scrollgram below uses every fifth image and changes focus as […]

EDOF and some Wigglegrams

I’ve a great friend who also happens to be a world-class Podiatrist who also happens to be my brother. A couple years ago he brought me a few very peculiar tree branches. The wood under the bark had been etched (by forces unknown) with strange alien-looking symbols. “Might make a great photo”, he said. I […]

Variations on a Bonsai Wolf

Say hello to the amazing Bonsai Wolf, Rocky. At just over 5 pounds he’s the ideal size for the blinding speed the breed is known for. Add that to his keen predatory instincts, razor-sharp teeth and ruthless nature and you’ve got an embodiment of the perfect killing machine, an evolutionary pinnacle in the long history […]

Yet Another Wigglegram

Another Wigglegram because they’re fun to do. Here’s a gnarly bicyclist on a freezing cold day. In the rain. In a 30mph wind. See how happy he seems in spite of it?  Behold the magical power of forest bicycling. This is a multi-image composition you scroll through by rolling your mouse across the frame. 3D […]

Updates at my main website.

Huge changes are in the works at markhoffmanphotography.com, If you haven’t been there in a while it’s worth the trip. New design. New layout. Just new. There used to be around a thousand images for viewing/sale. Things have been trimmed. A lot. Some of the images will be returning to the various galleries and albums. […]

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