Horseshoe Canyon, Utah – Grand Gallery

The first thing you notice is that the people ( if that’s what they are)¬† have no arms. Or legs. Or feet. Some have no eyes. Some have giant goggle eyes. Many have been impeccably carved into the rock before they were painted. The petroglyphs of the Grand Gallery in Horseshoe Canyon are¬†eerily mesmerizing. Archeologists seem to agree they are extraordinarily old, possibly predating the pyramids of Egypt (older that 3000 BC), perhaps as old as 8000 years. For humans, that’s a long time ago. For a rock, just the blink of an eye. A new gallery of images from this haunting place is up at HERE. Think of it as a documentary because it doesn’t really qualify as outdoor or landscape art. Or does it? For the curious archeologist in you here’s a link to a PDF with more information about this site than you’ll probably need: Horseshoe Canyon Archeology.






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