Keywords. Or, how to organize your photo library.

For a very long time I’ve been going to write a post on how to add keywords to an image library. I haven’t because the topic is daunting, complex, multilayered and just plain hard. While I’ve been using my own controlled vocabulary to add hierarchical keywords to images for several decades that doesn’t imply I know anything at all about the topic. Some have said that in our world there are a couple gazillion images online. Thus, key wording is a waste of time. Perhaps. But NOT key wording your images guarantees that they will become grains of sand in the Sahara. Adding structured keywords gives your images hope that they will be found by someone, anyone, searching for just such an image. Why make hopeless images?
No good idea is an orphan. Mine was no exception. Turns out someone has already written an article on the subject of keywords that’s as good or better than anything I could have done, fellow by the name of Carl Seibert. If you’ve any interest at all in how to categorize your growing library of images you need to hit this link:
It’s a long piece as it should be for an important topic. Well worth your time.


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