False kiva, reverse view

Rummaging around Google searches I discovered a ton of “false kiva” images, deservedly so. It’s a fascinating place steeped in history and mystery. Strangely, the available images of the site all use the same general POV.  Nice enough, but repetitious.  Enter the landscape photographer’s mantra: “Enjoy the beautiful scene before you but remember to look […]

Wildflowers in the Black Hills

After a seemingly endless winter with record snow falls a weekly occurrence, we slogged through a June of near record rain accumulation. The wildflowers of the northern Black Hills responded with an equal ferocity. First to appear in early June was a perfusion of purple blooms. Penstemon, a trumpet shaped beauty, covered the lower hillsides. […]

Worth the hike…

In Moab, Utah again last month which is not the subject of this post, rather the area around Moab, brimming with a wealth of spectacular geology and early American history. I refer specifically to “False Kiva”, google it if you must. Directions for the hike to the site abound. Pay particular attention to the one […]

Shutter actuation count

Ever wonder how many times you’ve pressed the shutter release on your camera?  I have. This post is the result of some research you might find useful, or at least interesting. We know we certainly don’t keep all of our digital images so a count of the images in our digital libraries isn’t an accurate […]

The Story of Rex

Rex: an image of mine that was recently chosen to be displayed at the Dahl Mountain Culture Photo Competition, came about, like a lot of great images, because someone else – namely my brother-in-law Ken Nichols – noticed it first (he’s got another great link HERE). I call the image great because the judges liked […]

Christmas photos, fast and easy.

On the road this week with my trusty laptop and forty pound camera bag along for the ride as always. Just on a whim, and because I can, I shot the whole batch of family Christmas photos in duplicate: one RAW version (since I always shoot everything in RAW), and a duplicate of the file […]

Luminosity masking revisited

So you wanna see luminosity masking in operation, huh? Here’s a link to a roll-over image of mine demonstrating before and after masking, roll your mouse on to and off the image:  “Waterfall Luminosity Masking Demo “ The second image has been cropped slightly so it jumps a bit on the rollover. This is an […]

Luminosity masks

Luminosity masks. Sounds like a Halloween costume or some glowing Venetian creation. Bookmark this site: http://goodlight.us/writing/tutorials.html  if you have even an inkling of interest in the topic. Tony Kuyper, that’s his site you just bookmarked, is a master of the process and has created a wealth of tutorials and some amazing Photoshop actions to exploit this […]

Lost site definitions in Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

The problem of Dreamweaver losing some or all of your site definitions is troublesome enough that references to it appear everywhere on the internet. Sadly a solution to the problem appears nowhere. Like the US government shutting down: it happens, but no one seems to know why.  The problem, it seems, stems from a mangled […]

In the beginning…

People ask me how I got started in photography. I didn’t “start” photography at all. It came and took me. Here’s how it happened. Simple things and seemingly innocuous events that happen to a child can have far-reaching effects that take decades to evolve. Things  that don’t seem so at the time can change the […]

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