Lost site definitions in Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

The problem of Dreamweaver losing some or all of your site definitions is troublesome enough that references to it appear everywhere on the internet. Sadly a solution to the problem appears nowhere. Like the US government shutting down: it happens, but no one seems to know why.  The problem, it seems, stems from a mangled […]

In the beginning…

People ask me how I got started in photography. I didn’t “start” photography at all. It came and took me. Here’s how it happened. Simple things and seemingly innocuous events that happen to a child can have far-reaching effects that take decades to evolve. Things  that don’t seem so at the time can change the […]

Odd place for a Christmas tree.

Subject came up in conversation that a print I made that was circulated locally in a very limited fashion doesn’t appear in any of the galleries here. Whoops! Bit of an oversight. I’ll post it here until I decide where to put it. It is actually one of a series of shots from this location. […]

Why blog?

Why indeed. It is time consuming, tedious, and requires a certain inventiveness that, at times, I just don’t have. Completeness, seems the obvious answer. A well rounded, robust, engaging website begs for a blog as a means of explanation about what’s going on in the numerous galleries. It allows me to carry the ball and […]

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