A new idea

I’ve had an idea rolling around the attic in my head where I spend most of my time now. I’ve stumbled over it often. Picked it up and set it down. Gazed at it for a moment. Thought about it for another. Started. Stopped. Started. Stopped. You know. The idea began as just shapes, or […]

Keywords. Or, how to organize your photo library.

For a very long time I’ve been going to write a post on how to add keywords to an image library. I haven’t because the topic is daunting, complex, multilayered and just plain hard. While I’ve been using my own controlled vocabulary to add hierarchical keywords to images for several decades that doesn’t imply I […]

Color Grading

Here are a few juxtaposed images demonstrating what all the hype surrounding color grading is about. It’s powerful stuff. Changing the entire look and feel of an image in just a couple of seconds is a ton of fun. As an added benefit, once you create a color grade that blows your hair back you […]

Reports of my death are in error

As you can see it has been nearly a year since my last post. Deplorable, I know. I have an excuse. A legitimate excuse. It’s a bit personal though so I’d rather not share it. Suffice it to say it was a medical thing . That “thing” is now a part of my past and […]

Jewel Thieves

Thought for the day: The precarious human predicament owes its existence to thieves. Jewel thieves. Good ones. Except that “jewel” is misspelled. The word is joule. A term describing energy. That’s important to humans because we use joules all the time. We use them every second of every day our entire lives. Without them we’d […]

Train in the garden

Using a high-end DSLR to shoot videos doesn’t interest me at all. But making videos out of strings of still images shot at a very high frame rate fascinates me. You might argue they are the same thing. You’d be correct, sort of. But it’s like comparing true videos to time -lapse. Different, but not. […]

New Mini-galleries

A glance at the green navigation bar under the masthead reveals I’ve added a new selection called the “Mini Galleries“. The Mini Galleries are precisely that: small galleries of a few images that I happen to like. They are in no particular order and somehow either missed being added to the other larger galleries at […]

Shutter actuation count

Ever wonder how many times you’ve pressed the shutter release on your camera?  I have. This post is the result of some research you might find useful, or at least interesting. We know we certainly don’t keep all of our digital images so a count of the images in our digital libraries isn’t an accurate […]

Christmas photos, fast and easy.

On the road this week with my trusty laptop and forty pound camera bag along for the ride as always. Just on a whim, and because I can, I shot the whole batch of family Christmas photos in duplicate: one RAW version (since I always shoot everything in RAW), and a duplicate of the file […]

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