Betty Boop Rose

Behold The Betty Boop Rose


Prolific. Beautiful. Resilient. Tough to the point of belligerent defiance. Like most roses, she carries weapons and knows how to use them. She resides in a corner of my back yard. She bears a remarkable resemblance to the Wild Meadow Rose that grows in and around the northern Black Hills of western South Dakota.


Betty Boop


Wild Meadow Rose

She starts setting blossoms long before the last late winter frosts have ended. And continues to do so until well after the first hard freezes of early winter have begun.

Betty Boop in the Snow

New buds start as tightly wrapped cones no bigger than the end of your index finger.

New Bud

The buds unwind quickly, usually in less than 48 hours. New buds appear every week.



This Betty Boop has been a favorite subject of mine for many years. She strikes different poses every year, varies her presentation week by week through spring, summer and fall. It is January now. Betty is sleeping. I’ve already started buffing the lenses. Time speeds by.  Sleeping beauty, sleeping Betty will awaken soon.



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