A new idea

I’ve had an idea rolling around the attic in my head where I spend most of my time now. I’ve stumbled over it often. Picked it up and set it down. Gazed at it for a moment. Thought about it for another. Started. Stopped. Started. Stopped. You know. The idea began as just shapes, or […]

The Power Of The Print

Somewhere I read that information is being amassed and recorded at a rate so prodigious that no single human could read even a single day’s record in his/her entire lifetime. This assertion seems reasonable to me. So what of the historian of the future? Humans, if they still exist, many hundreds of years from now […]

Cave Spring, Utah

Trundling around the American Southwest again, happened upon a very short trail to Cave Spring in Utah’s southern Canyonlands. The place has an other-worldly creepiness to it. I half expected to peer into a darkened rock alcove and find some thousand year old wild animal or possibly a prehistoric human lurking there. Didn’t find either. […]

Bird Of Paradise Plant, delivered.

Angular, was my first impression of this unusual plant. Wondering at the name, I backed up to get a better look at it. The flowering part of this plant does bear a striking resemblance to the head of a large water bird. Thus, its other name: Crane Flower. I digress. The plant was delivered to […]

10000 Square Meters

There’s a new image gallery at http://photophart.com called, simply, 10000 Square Meters. Honestly, I’m amazed at the number of images that ended up there. They represent the exploration of a tiny patch of the Bighorn National Forest in central Wyoming. The Bighorn National Forest is millions of acres and gazillions of trees. It is big […]

The Story of Rex

Rex: an image of mine that was recently chosen to be displayed at the Dahl Mountain Culture Photo Competition, came about, like a lot of great images, because someone else – namely my brother-in-law Ken Nichols – noticed it first (he’s got another great link HERE). I call the image great because the judges liked […]

Why blog?

Why indeed. It is time consuming, tedious, and requires a certain inventiveness that, at times, I just don’t have. Completeness, seems the obvious answer. A well rounded, robust, engaging website begs for a blog as a means of explanation about what’s going on in the numerous galleries. It allows me to carry the ball and […]

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