Caution! These things can hurt you.

That’s a rattlesnake. In the title phrase the operative word is “can”, meaning,  they are able. In other words if they are provoked, cornered, threatened, or attacked they believe in reciprocity and they’re equipped to back it up. But, THEY WOULD RATHER NOT. Given a chance, they will avoid encounters with humans. Dealing with rattlesnakes […]

Train in the garden

Using a high-end DSLR to shoot videos doesn’t interest me at all. But making videos out of strings of still images shot at a very high frame rate fascinates me. You might argue they are the same thing. You’d be correct, sort of. But it’s like comparing true videos to time -lapse. Different, but not. […]

The Story of Rex

Rex: an image of mine that was recently chosen to be displayed at the Dahl Mountain Culture Photo Competition, came about, like a lot of great images, because someone else – namely my brother-in-law Ken Nichols – noticed it first (he’s got another great link HERE). I call the image great because the judges liked […]

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