Betty, Betty

Betty Boop Rose

Here’s one, hand held. On a bad leg, half asleep. But the light was oh, so right! Pretty much right out of camera, duh!, blurry. Added a 1 stop vignette to both images. Ain’t she nice though. PP

Betty Boop in 2024

The Betty Boop rose is off to a good start in 2024. My unabashedly favorite flower subject is also the easiest one to get to. It’s in my backyard. The Betty Boop adds blossoms almost continuously all summer and well into fall. It will even add blossoms after the first and second snow storms of […]

On Art…

A quote: “I do not make art for your comfort. I make it for mine. I don’t make art to abide by your rules but to challenge my own. If, by some happy miracle, that effort results in something that others resonate with in the same way that I look to the art of others […]

What’s cooler than flame-cut steel?


Everything, mostly…. Cuz this stuff is really hot. Way hotter than melted cheese on a pizza. Way hotter than boiling oil in a deep fryer. You need a few thousand degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius, either one, to make this happen (to be precise oxy-acetylene torches produce a flame that is 3480 degrees C or 6296 […]

Blue Moon August 2023

Blue Moon

In case you missed it, here is the August 2023 “Blue Moon”. It bears the added distinction of being a “Full Moon” and a “Super Moon” as well. There won’t be another one for quite a long time. Here are some editing variations, color grades, contrast, split tones, I was experimenting with. pp

The Mustang Rally in Sturgis 2022

  Took me forever to get a new image album online at Hardware problems and the nuts and bolts of daily living sucked up all the free time I was allotted. Anyhow, go to: Meager album of photos from the Sturgis Mustang Rally 2022. I started out having a lot more photos to display […]

Betty Boop Rose

Behold The Betty Boop Rose   Prolific. Beautiful. Resilient. Tough to the point of belligerent defiance. Like most roses, she carries weapons and knows how to use them. She resides in a corner of my back yard. She bears a remarkable resemblance to the Wild Meadow Rose that grows in and around the northern Black […]

A new idea

I’ve had an idea rolling around the attic in my head where I spend most of my time now. I’ve stumbled over it often. Picked it up and set it down. Gazed at it for a moment. Thought about it for another. Started. Stopped. Started. Stopped. You know. The idea began as just shapes, or […]

Tube Lichen

I’ve been tramping through North American forests for 60 years and I haven’t seen these before. Referring to the little green antlers sticking up in the air. A bit of literature searching reveals these are quite common. Called Cladonia Ochrochlora , a common fruticose lichen. Cladonia, pronounced Clad-own-ee-ah, is a cool enough word in its […]

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