Images From The Textured Forest…

Not a real forest in the usual sense. But, just barely real enough that you can see these. I’ve been playing with adding textures to images off and on for years. My library of textures has grown beyond all reason. There’s a new album of images like this at in the gallery called “Current […]

10000 Square Meters

There’s a new image gallery at called, simply, 10000 Square Meters. Honestly, I’m amazed at the number of images that ended up there. They represent the exploration of a tiny patch of the Bighorn National Forest in central Wyoming. The Bighorn National Forest is millions of acres and gazillions of trees. It is big […]

Wildflowers in the Black Hills

After a seemingly endless winter with record snow falls a weekly occurrence, we slogged through a June of near record rain accumulation. The wildflowers of the northern Black Hills responded with an equal ferocity. First to appear in early June was a perfusion of purple blooms. Penstemon, a trumpet shaped beauty, covered the lower hillsides. […]

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