Horseshoe Canyon, Utah – Rock Art

While I understand that many people view the petroglyphs of the American Southwest as nothing more than really old graffiti, I find myself captivated by the things. The rock art of the Grand Gallery in Horseshoe Canyon is seductive. The figures there resemble human forms, sort of, but not really. Speculation about what the paintings […]

Luminosity masking revisited

So you wanna see luminosity masking in operation, huh? Here’s a link to a roll-over image of mine demonstrating before and after masking, roll your mouse on to and off the image:  “Waterfall Luminosity Masking Demo “ The second image has been cropped slightly so it jumps a bit on the rollover. This is an […]

Luminosity masks

Luminosity masks. Sounds like a Halloween costume or some glowing Venetian creation. Bookmark this site:  if you have even an inkling of interest in the topic. Tony Kuyper, that’s his site you just bookmarked, is a master of the process and has created a wealth of tutorials and some amazing Photoshop actions to exploit this […]

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